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my skills: 2008 review, plans for 2009

2008 was a nice year. It was productive and I learned a lot of new stuff. I can always do better and in 2009 I’ll try to perform much better 🙂

Summary of my 2008 (my skills)

  1. I got my bachelor degree (title translation to Bosnian: Inženjer)
  2. I worked with Oracle APEX rapid web application development tool, great tool!!!
  3. For a week i tried Ruby on Rails, I’m not impressed, although some concepts are excellent
  4. I worked with Drupal 5 / 6 on one project. Drupal is great CMS, but it’s not the path I want to go
  5. I started working with Zend framework, it’s great, but it’s not as "rapid" and easy as I hoped…
  6. I reviewed my C++ knowledge, and started using MPI library (gatable project)
  7. Started learning and thinking about management, success, leadership, business
  8. C#, Windows Forms and ADO.net skills improved
  9. I discovered the value of audio books

Projects worth mentioning in 2008:

  1. (p)gatable – paralell implementation of genetic algorithm in C++/MPI used for solving timetable problem (link will be soon online)
  2. Healthy food web application project (still in very early state od development)
  3. "Offer Management System" (not real name) -  project implemented using Oracle APEX
  4. bhservis.com web page – based on drupal 5

Plans for 2009

  1. Learn more about Zend framework
  2. Learn more about ASP.net
  3. Learn about Doctrine (hibernate-like) project
  4. Learn about memcached project
  5. Improve my social / business / leadership skills

Plans for 2009 (projects)

  1. Continue work on (p)gatable project (from academic and business perspective)
  2. Continue work on Healthy Food project
  3. Continue my Master study
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