Introduction to data mining

May 7, 2010 Leave a comment

intro to data mining using Microsoft SQL Server and Analysis Services

Excellent series by Rafal Lukawiecki

also, checkout this 4 part series, All you need to know about Microsoft Business Intelligence

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Remove duplicate records in T-SQL

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Here’s nice quick way to remove duplicate records in T-SQL

--add identity row to table
ALTER TABLE myTable add rowid int identity(1,1)
---Delete Dups From myTable
delete from myTable
where rowid not in
(select min(rowid)
from myTable
group by something)
--remove identity row from table


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Install Windows over network using PXE (without RIS or WDS)

January 22, 2009 Leave a comment

I have a toshiba TabletPC that’s without CD-ROM, floppy and doesn’t support USB device boot. Question is: How to install Windows on a tablet like this?

first option is to get Windows Server 2003 (or 2008) and install windows XP using RIS or WDS. I don’t like this option.

second option is to use Tftpd32 for PXE, Windows 98 startup disk (DOS), and optionally some linux distribution to copy windows setup files to the tablet. It’s a lot easier than Windows Server 2003 combination.

  1. Boot windows 98 startup disk (DOS) over network using Tftpd32
  2. Partition disk using "fdisk" and format partitions using "format"
  3. Boot Damn small linux (DSL) over network (using tftpd) to copy windows setup files (by ftp or usb stick)
  4. Start windows 98 startup disk (again), load smartdrv (just type smartdrv when DOS is booted)
  5. Start windows installation by running "winnt" at I386 folder

Guide is available at

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my skills: 2008 review, plans for 2009

January 1, 2009 Leave a comment

2008 was a nice year. It was productive and I learned a lot of new stuff. I can always do better and in 2009 I’ll try to perform much better 🙂

Summary of my 2008 (my skills)

  1. I got my bachelor degree (title translation to Bosnian: Inženjer)
  2. I worked with Oracle APEX rapid web application development tool, great tool!!!
  3. For a week i tried Ruby on Rails, I’m not impressed, although some concepts are excellent
  4. I worked with Drupal 5 / 6 on one project. Drupal is great CMS, but it’s not the path I want to go
  5. I started working with Zend framework, it’s great, but it’s not as "rapid" and easy as I hoped…
  6. I reviewed my C++ knowledge, and started using MPI library (gatable project)
  7. Started learning and thinking about management, success, leadership, business
  8. C#, Windows Forms and skills improved
  9. I discovered the value of audio books

Projects worth mentioning in 2008:

  1. (p)gatable – paralell implementation of genetic algorithm in C++/MPI used for solving timetable problem (link will be soon online)
  2. Healthy food web application project (still in very early state od development)
  3. "Offer Management System" (not real name) -  project implemented using Oracle APEX
  4. web page – based on drupal 5

Plans for 2009

  1. Learn more about Zend framework
  2. Learn more about
  3. Learn about Doctrine (hibernate-like) project
  4. Learn about memcached project
  5. Improve my social / business / leadership skills

Plans for 2009 (projects)

  1. Continue work on (p)gatable project (from academic and business perspective)
  2. Continue work on Healthy Food project
  3. Continue my Master study
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Open MPI and flushing printf (or cout)

December 6, 2008 Leave a comment

When you have printf (or cout) in your MPI program,situation may occur that printing is just not working. And worst of all, somewhere in the middle of the program, printing will work.

For example, following code:

printf("Please enter number: ");
scanf("%d", &m);

will not display "Please enter number:" message, but scanf will work, and you can enter the number


Open MPI will flush output buffer to the display, only after \n (new line) character is found (or std::endl if using c++ iostream)

Following code, will work as expected:

printf("Please enter number:\n");
scanf("%d", &m);

note that ‘\n’ (new line) is at the end of printf string

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Randy Paush – The "Last Lecture"

November 27, 2008 Leave a comment

Inspiring. Randy Paush was a professor at Carnegie Mellon University. He had pancreatic cancer, and he died.
This is his last lecture at CMU, and it’s very inspiring.

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Development Abstraction

November 27, 2008 Leave a comment

This is a great article teo sent me over the msn messenger, and I also found it on slashdot. If you are a developer, or a manager, or somehow indirectly involved in development (even if your job is to make sure every developer has enough coffee), you MUST read this! (below are a few teaser sentences)

So, after consulting with his faithful Alsatian, he sets up a computer in a sunfilled room in his rented apartment above the grocery store and installs a carefully-chosen selection of tools. One by one, he calls his friends and warns them that if he seems remote over the next months, it is only because he is hard at work. And he sits down to spin code…

Why did he fail? He’s pretty sure he knows. "Marketing," he says. Like many young technicians, he is apt to say things like, "Microsoft has worse products but better marketing."

Your first priority as the manager of a software team is building the development abstraction layer.

Most new software managers miss this point. They keep thinking of the traditional, Command-and-Conquer model of management that they learned from Hollywood movies.

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