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Generating SVN statistics using statSVN

October 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Today I generated svn statistics for a project I am working on for a last year and half. It’s very insightful Smile

Here is a short guide on how to it using windows machine

  1. You should install java from
  2. Download statsvn from I used version 0.7
  3. Download CollabNet Subversion Command-Line Client from and install it
  4. Do svn checkout
    C:\project>svn checkout
  5. Generate svn log
    C:\project>svn log ––xml -v > svn.log
  6. Generate statistics
    C:\project>java -jar statsvn.jar Project\svn.log Project
  7. Wait Smile
    (my project has about 1 000 000 lines of code… I waited for a few hours)
  8. Open generated index.html and enjoy Winking smile